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Innovation is the focus for judging the awards. The EDP Technical Committee judge the products on the value of the new technical abilities they offer. This can be innovation in the technology that improves speed, quality, usability and functionality or reduces environmental impact as well as cost to the user.


Juan Martorell
Founder of ColorInLab Color Consulting
Juan has over 14 years experience in the graphics arts sector working in private and public enterprises as well as running his own colourmanagement business and writing technical articles for publications across Europe. Juan rejoins us after a year's break from the committee.


Romeo Hutter
Editor in Chief, Publisher
Romeo is the Editor in chief on Publisher magazine in Switzerland and works with Martin Spaar with good technical knowledge of digital presses and software.


Chris Cooke
Publishing Director, Image Reports
Chris Cooke has been involved in magazines focusing on the graphic arts sector since 1997 when digital print was in its infancy. "I have always enjoyed being part of this sector and seeing its developments and I am very pleased to be heading up such strong team of technical journalists who will be putting forward the leading candidates for EDP awards in 2011."


Herman Hartman
Editor in Chief, SignPro Benelux
Herman is the remaining member of last year's committee and is the editor in chief of Sign Pro Benelux and a well respected technical journalist and consultant across Europe.


Ryan Crist
Consultant, Flaar reports
Ryan is a consultant for the Flaar reports. Ryan was a print shop manager so his experience will be valuable in the Technical Committee deliberations.


Christian Duyckaerts
FESPA board member guest
Christian is FESPA board member and  since the year 2000, Christian has been a managing partner and technical director of Antwerp-based Print&Display, a specialist in the creation of outdoor publicity materials, cardboard displays, permanent displays and POP collateral for corporate and agency customers throughout Europe.


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