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The EDP is a nonprofit  Association. Its goal is to be a recognised industry forum and a valuable resource for association members. A large part of its remit is to acknowledge and award the latest developments in R&D in the digital print industry and as a result EDP launches its annual awards programme – the EDP Awards.

The members of the EDP believe that these awards are  becoming an authority in acknowledging best in class products across the digital print landscape, and are happy of being able to working with the printing industry.

Agustín Torres, Chairman of the EDP, explains  “the strength of the EDP Association is our European-wide reach to hundreds of thousands of readers interested in digital print.

Our commitment to them to only award accolades where they are truly deserved is backed up by our independent panel of digital print experts. When a signmaker or digital printer is in the process of researching and purchasing new capital equipment for their print plant, they will look for the EDP Association Award and know that it has been independently scrutinized and meets the exacting standards of their fellow peers.”

Without questioning the internet and globalisation –the most important signs of our time- the members of the Association also believe in the preservation of some traditional values, as the direct relations with people.

The EDP Awards were created  to encourage these values and promote the industry.

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